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Utah Painting Trip

South to Bryce Canyon National Park and north to Park City my Utah painting trip was filled with Family, Snow, Mountains, Plein Air Painting and Fry Sauce.

During my time in Utah I was able to visit family as well as make several trips up the mountains to paint. I went up to Midway on for the painting above. It was late enough in the year to not be snowy but hadn't turned spring green yet. The weather was nice and the mountains had a great purple Rocky Mountain glow.

Park City is another great art location. I endured the snow to paint the ski slopes and spent the afternoon with my family in town. Its a cute ski village with many art galleries and good restaurants. Park City is definitely with a visit even if you are not a skier. If your looking for other art inspiration while in Utah the Springville Art Museum and BYU Museum of Art are homes to great exhibitions.

After a few weeks north going up provo and American Fork canyon I took a trip to the red rocks. My trip south to Bryce Canyon National Park was gorgeous. It was early spring when I went so there was just a bit of snow still sprinkled on some of the red rock. I painted this small piece in Red Rock Canyon just outside of Bryce. The views in Red Rock Canyon and Bryce National Park are amazing.

I traveled to visit family and capture a bit of west in my plein air painting but going to Utah wouldn't be complete without large soda's from Maverick, French fries with fry sauce and late spring snow storms.


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