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Harry Potter 3D Art : Extendable Ears & Monster Book of Monsters

Harry Potter, Halloween and art... count me in! Great for Halloween or Harry Potter fun. A replica of the Weasley's Extendable Ears and a Monster Book of Monsters.

Extendable Ears

Practice your sculpting skills with super easy materials to make your very own extendable ears. Great to teach kids about 3D art or just make a cool party prop. A little air dry clay, twine, and acrylic paint.


Air dry clay


Red, white, yellow, and green acrylic paint

I started

  • I started off with a little air dry clay. I took some photo examples of ears and formed the general shape of the ear. I used the end of a paintbrush and a knife to add the details. Make sure to leave a little extra clay on the back for the twine to go into. I stuck the end of my paintbrush in the back from the top down to make a hole for the twine.

  • The opposite end of the ear is described as a piece to insert into your ear. I took some inspiration from an earbud and added some clay to that end as well.

  • If your looking for a lesson in mixing skin tones this is it. Going for the easy route pick up some acrylic paint in a skin tone. I used red, yellow, white and green to mix up my fleshy ear paint.

Monster Book of Monsters

The Monster Book of Monsters was a little more involved but totally worth the effort. A wooden book box from Michaels, some fake fur and more of that fun air dry clay makes your very own Monster Book of Monsters. The book adds more of that Harry Potter charm and could double as a Halloween candy box.


Wood book box: Michaels

Air dry clay

Fake fur fabric

Hot glue

Acrylic paint

  • First thing I did was glue my faux fur to my wood box, from Michaels. I traced around the box onto the back of the fabric leaving a little extra on each side to wrap over the edge. I used hot glue to attach the fabric,

  • Cut out the fuzzy furry fabric to fit the box and fold around the edges. Hot glue kept it sealed on tight and was nice and quick. Just don't glue your box shut... like I did.

  • I Sculpted 4 eyes, tentacles and teeth out of air dry clay. This is definitely a project that could be done by lots of ages, especially with assistance. I had great fun completing it myself. I tried to stay true to the book of monsters from the Harry Potter series but you could use the clay to make this monster book a unique creation!

  • You have to give the clay a couple days to dry before it can be glued onto your monster book so plan ahead! After that you can paint the clay with acrylic paint and glue onto your monster book!

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