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Gift Wrapping

Putting together cute gifts at the holidays can be lots of fun! My mom is always an expert at making her gifts look extra special! Check out these wrapping tips I learned from her and download some of my cute tags!

Tracy's Wrapping Tip's

  1. Dont use to much paper -It is hard to make the folds on the gift look nice if there is too much excess paper. Use just enough to cover the edges.

  2. Add Greenery -cut greens from bushes and trees in your yard. If you dont have any ask a neigbor if you can clips some greens or buy a bundle from the store. We have holly bushes and trees with berries that are perfect for the holidays. Pine boughs and herbs also work great for the tops of gifts.

3. Don't make your bows to small -Twine is cheap and goes a long way. Double it up to make your bows extra full!

Alyssa's Wrapping Tips

1. Save extra wrapping paper. -cut it out to make tags or use it for gift cards or small packages. I used this extra Santa paper to make a gift tag on my present. The tag was too small to punch a whole in so I used the pin from the ribbon to secure the tag to the present.

2. Top with a cute tag. Printed or plain tags can add festivity to your gift! Download some handmade watercolor tags here!

Christmas Tags
Download PDF • 15.35MB


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