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Easy Zoom Art Lesson

Easy Zoom Art activity

Blind Contour Drawing

Time: about 40 min

Materials: 2 objects, blank paper, pencil/pen

I taught this drawing lesson in zoom for a church youth activity. We had several young women and adults and everyone enjoyed it! The girls had fun and got to learn a new drawing skill. You could do this activity in person as well. Its a quick activity to get fun silly drawings and its great for online art!

For this activity we drew two objects and our faces (but with a twist). The key to make this drawing lesson fun for everyone is 1. you can’t look at your paper or 2. no erasing 3. don't lift up your pen.

Everyone Needs

1-2 small objects that they would want to draw.

(My Pick: a cowboy boot and a hat)

Blank Paper

Pencil or pen


To start off I asked some icebreaker questions while everyone got in Zoom and ready.

1. If you could draw anything what would you choose?

2. What objects did you bring to draw and why?

I did a quick demonstration to show everyone what I was doing. 1. I connected my phone to my computer and clicked share screen in zoom. 2. I turned the camera on my phone so that everyone could see both my face, from the computer, and what I was drawing from my phone. It can be helpful to have someone else hold up the phone camera while you draw.


I showed them my object (cowboy hat) and let them know the rules.

  1. You CANNOT look at your paper. (this takes the pressure off because everyone's drawings end up a little crazy)

  2. Once you start drawing you cannot pick your pencil up off the paper, you have to keep going. All the lines will be connected.

We started by drawing our two objects. This made it so that everyone could get a feel for the rules and get some practice in (2-3 times is a good number of rounds to draw). They are supposed to be quick It only takes 3-5 minutes to do a drawing.


For the second part of the activity we switched it up and drew our faces. This worked out well in zoom because everyone could just look at their own face in their camera to draw.

  • I did a 2nd demonstration showing how I started with my head, then eyes, nose mouth ect. With any luck the drawing of your face will end up a bit misshapen or overlapped!

The girls drew their own faces twice and laughed at how different everyones faces turned out.


After we finished our drawings we held up our paper to the camera to check out everyone's drawings.

*These drawings are fun to spend more time on or turn into a second lesson/activity. My students used sharpie and watercolor paints to add color and transform their portraits.


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