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Christmas Sugar Cookies

My best Christmas cookie decorating tips to keep things beautiful and easy!

Tip One:

Coat snowflakes in sugar or sprinkles! Sugar preserves the softness of the frosting on the cookies, it adds crunch and makes the cookies extra delicious. Sugar and sprinkles also give the snowflakes a beautiful wintery shimmer.

Tip Two: Keep your cookie decorating easy by using simple colors but different sizes and shapes of cookie cutters. Different sized snowflakes add interest without requiring multiple colors of frosting

Tip Three: Gift by topping packages with greenery such as pine boughs or holly berries.


Different sized sugar adds depth and variety to your cookies.

  • Super Fine Baking Sugar on all cookies. It is easy to decorate on top of and adds a nice shimmer to the snowflake cookies.

  • Regular baking Sugar. Regular sugar is less fine than the baking sugar but a great alternative. It is not quite as easy to pipe details on top of but still add that nice sugary crunch!

  • I used Large Clear Crystals on the mustaches to add that extra texture.

  • Silver Sprinkles added additional variety to the snowflake cookies! I didn't add any fine details to these cookies the sprinkles were all they needed.

Santa's Cookies

I loved this plaque and mustache duo. We gifted them with cocoa on Christmas Eve as Santa's Milk and Cookies! It is a cute gift without having to have a huge box of decorated cookies!

I used extra large crystal sprinkles to give the mustache its texture. I made a paper template of the mustache for the plaque so I could keep the design about the same size on all the plaques.

Good Luck with your Christmas cookies!!!


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