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Artist Residency: Ireland

I had an incredible experience in Ireland participating in an artist residency. The artist residency turned out to be an amazing way to produce work, learn, and experience a beautiful location! Ireland is a beautiful green place and I felt inspired to get out and paint the landscape everyday.

The artist residency removed distractions from everyday life and created a secluded environment for full days of painting. I was truly inspired by my surroundings everyday. Choosing such a beautiful location for my artist residency provided ample inspiration for my plein air painting. Traveling and creating art associated with an artist residency means you have a designated space to create.

Ireland was so old and full of rich history! Irelands cities each had unique personalities and the coastlines were incredible! I loved seeing the mountains in the north and fishing villages in the south!

My tips for an Artist Residency

  • Just go for it! (if your debating an artist residency it is worth it)

  • Res Artis is a great site for finding residencies.

  • If doing a residency again 1 to 2 months would have been sufficient ( I had an incredible time during my three months but had created a good amount of work in one and a half to two months).

  • If you are a studio artist pick somewhere where you can see the workspace beforehand, you want it to be an inspiring space.

  • I enjoyed being around other artists it was fun to see their work and feed off one another's energy.


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